ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ voted best sport touring tyre


Do you want a sport touring tyre that works everywhere not just somewhere?

A tyre with outstanding handling characteristics, wet performance, dry performance or mileage is great. But what about a tyre that performs at a high standard everywhere that reflects the real world?

At Metzeler, that’s our commitment and world respected German publication Motorrad agrees with us.

METZELER: safety first and real world performance.

Roadtec Z8 INTERACT has won the comparative organized by this authoritative publication excelling against competitors thanks to the excellent values showed at the level of grip, handling, mileage and wet

Munich (Germany), 5 June 2015 – The best sport touring tyres on the market are the METZELER ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™. These were the words of the authoritative German motorcycle magazine Motorrad, decreed after having compared the METZELER tyres with Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT, Pirelli Angel GT, Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO and Dunlop Sportmax RoadSmart II.

For the comparative test, published in the 12/2015 issue of the German magazine, all the tyres were tested in 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear sizes mounted on six identical models of Yamaha FJR1300A.

The testers from Motorrad have considered different parameters testing the tyres in different conditions. To assess the overall behaviour the test included a test on country roads and another one on highway riding in two separate moments: with new tyres and, as for extra verification, after they had already travelled 4000 kms. In addition they were all tested in the wet on a circuit specially equipped to verify the behaviour of the tyres in these conditions.

At the end of the test METZELER ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ was the winner thanks to the excellent performance demonstrated on country roads, a wet behaviour that has no equal and the best results in its class in terms of mileage, together with grip and handling that are always at a high level.

With this latest success METZELER wins for the third consecutive year a tyre comparative test made by Motorrad: in 2013 triumph in the enduro street segment with the TOURANCE™ Next, in 2014 to climb to the top step was the SPORTEC™ M7 RR voted as the best supersport tyre and now the ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ which wins the sport touring tyre comparative test. Three different tyres and three different segments confirming that METZELER is the motorcycle tyre brand leader on the market.

This is the final result of the comparative which saw the success of the METZELER ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ followed by Pirelli Angel GT tied with Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT, and all other participant tyres following:


2. Pirelli Angel GT

2. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT

4. Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO

5. Dunlop Sportmax RoadSmart II

6. Continental Road Attack 2 GT

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