Racetec SM (Supermoto)

Drifting-specific SuperMoto product in the Racetec range with INTERACT technology. Racing oriented high tech compounds and structures, for most effective straight or sideways riding

  • New generation of Supermoto race tyres replacing Drift
  • Designed to eliminate chatter, tears and provide excellent grip, these tyres also deliver nimble handling for quicker transitions between turns and to facilitate easier drifting with constant performance throughout the entire race
  • Improvement in braking progressivity, which allows later and harder braking into turns. The tyre gives back more “feeling” and is more predictable. This improvement in braking is a direct result of the increased side contact patch inherent in the front tyre profile
  • New tyre profiles which improve handling and drifting, ensuring best in class level of performance
  • New compounds designed to eliminate chatter and to provide excellent grip with no decay and tear for the entire race distance.
  • 0° steel belt carcass for best in class braking and easier turn-in under brakes
  • 2 compound types engineered to offer the best adaptability to different racetrack conditions: Soft compound for colder and dirtier tracks & medium compound suited to warmer and cleaner tracks

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