Sportec M7RR

he latest award winning member of the Metzeler brand.

derived from the experience gained in road racing activities, is designed to offer high levels of handling and safety, including wet, bumpy and dirty tarmac

World exclusive test reveals the latest SPORTEC™ M7RR delivers the best of all worlds.

In terms of outright grip, the new Metzelers are impressive and can handle aggressive acceleration with a high degree of lean.

You can feel the soft compound rubber on the edge of the tyres giving you a feeling of being ‘plugged-in’ to the tarmac at full lean. Grip and stability turning the bike into the corner and lifting it up again under acceleration is excellent, too…

Motor Cycle News UK

Sportec M7RR wins the supersport comparative test conducted by the prestigious German magazine Motorrad.

Motorrad’s testers, at the conclusion of the test which took place on the roads of central and northern Italy and Sardinia, as well as on the Spanish track of Alcarràs, have decreed SPORTEC™ M7 RR as the best supersport tyre as it had a balanced behaviour in all areas being tested, especially on the track, and constant performance even after many miles.

The new SPORTEC™ M7 RR main strength is its sporty handling, the excellent behaviour in the wet and high mileage, increased by 20% compared to its predecessor, the SPORTEC™ M5 INTERACT™.

Motorrad Magazine Germany

Download the product review from Rapid Bikes May 2015 here

SportecM7_Rapid_May_2015.pdf SportecM7_Rapid_May_2015.pdf (3.00 MB)

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